When I was three years old, my mother stood me up on a piano bench in the church she and my dad pastored and, together, we sang an old hymn entitled “Inside the Gate”. That moment started a life-long love affair with these too often forgotten, beautiful and comforting songs.
Mom passed away the day after Christmas, 2002. She was an amazing woman with a heart for God like no one else I have ever met. Right now, she sings with the angels and dances down the golden streets hand in hand with my father.

After never spending a night in a hospital for his entire life, Dad lost use of his legs in September of 2007. After much testing, it was determined that he had, in addition to the final stages of Parkinson’s, multiple myeloma. Over the next year and a half, I watched as disease ravaged this humble, sweet man’s body until he finally went home exactly at sunrise on Easter morning, 2009. He lived with Cassie and me till the end.
After it was clear that regular church visits were impractical, we started having what we called “Chapman Church”. Whoever was in town and available came over to the house around six where we would just sit around Papa’s bed and tell stories and sing the old songs that brought him so much comfort. These were some of the sweetest moments of my life so far.

It is in Mom and Dad’s honor that I do this work.

I don’t know about you and please don’t be offended, but I really don’t fully enjoy modern worship music all that much.
I find myself longing for a simpler experience. For me, worship is very personal. I much prefer being in an intimate setting either alone or with a few people I hold very close.

A few months ago, an old friend of mine back home in Texas passed away and I was asked to come sing at the funeral as I had done ten years ago when this sweet woman’s husband had passed. I was unable to attend but offered to set up a camera and sing the song and send it for them to use at the service. That experience triggered this idea.

Once a week, I am going to do just that. I’ll tell what the song means to me or how it came to be in the first place, then perform it acoustically for those who want to subscribe here.
I so look forward to the stories of encouragement that will accumulate on this site. Please interact with each other and lose yourself in the purity of these old songs.

In addition, if you have a parent or someone close to you who is facing hospice care, I will give the subscription away in hopes that your load might be lightened, even for a minute, as this difficult time is upon you. Just email us here with a hospice contact's email and phone number and know that you will be taken care of.

All the best and let’s keep these wonderful songs alive!